What Is WPA3 Encryption?

The security and protection of data are very important for users. Wi-Fi Protected Access 3, abbreviated as Wpa3, is the next generation of Wi-Fi security.

The very first WPA was released back in 2003 and replaced the then-existing Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) which was launched in 1997 for protection.

In 2004, wpa2 was launched which was more advanced in terms of features. However, the wpa3 which was released in 2018 consisted of Protected Management Frames (PMFs) which increased the network security and as a result enabled better authentication.

Since then, it has been used as a replacement for the wpa2 and has been widely used in routers ( Tri-Band Routers vs Dual-Band Routers )to provide better security to its users. Not only does the wpa3 provide increased protection from password guessing attempts, but also it has claimed to provide cutting-edge security protocol to the market.

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Moreover, it adds new features to simplify Wi-Fi security and enable more robust authentication. It is the most advanced encryption and is far better than WPA and wpa2.

Simultaneous authentication of equals i.e., SAE is used by wpa3 which acts as a shield against password guessing. The wpa3 has an increased cryptographic strength of 192 bits which is useful in providing extra protection during the transmission of sensitive data across a network. Wpa3 lets new devices join without having them use a shared password.

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WAP3 Security Encryption

WPA3 encryption protocol

The only thing that the users do is scan the QR code or the NFC tags. A device can verify itself to a network without having to give up on its security in this way. This method is called Wi-Fi Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP) and is used by wpa3. Wpa3 encryption is made in such a way that it is better than the previous versions.

It has many advanced features such as the GCMP-256 i.e., 256-bit Galois/Counter Mode Protocol, BIP-GMAC-256 i.e., 256-bit Broadcast/Multicast Integrity Protocol, and the HMAC i.e., 384-bit Hashed Message Authentication Mode. Furthermore, it supports perfect forward secrecy as a security measure. All of these add to making the network a more advanced and secure one.

Features Of WPA 3

Wpa3 has the following key features:

  1. Clients that do not support the wpa3 technology can transit back to wpa2. The transition mode has three modes namely; personal, enterprise, and enhanced open mode.
  2. SAE guards from brute-force attacks making unauthorized decryption near to impossible.
  3. The management frame protection (MFP) is encrypted in such a way that it prevents the IPS systems to struck clients out of the system.

What makes WPA 3 Better Than WPA2? ( WPA3 Vs WPA2 )

As compared to the previous wpa2 system, the wpa3 is a total win. It has the following notable features which make it superior to the wpa2:

  1. Wpa3 supports 192-bit security in enterprise mode which means bigger session keys.
  2. It protects the system from brute-force attacks. Wpa3 allows the user to only guess the password only once and it is a necessity to be physically present which means direct contact with the system which guards it immensely.
  3. Wpa3 uses GCMP-256 encryption whereas wpa2 used 128-bit encryption. Moreover, wpa3 uses DPP to log in to a public network instead of a shared password.
  4. Wpa3 provides a secure handshake where a device connects to a wireless network and both authenticates and connects after verification. This is secured using DPP.

Final Words

Therefore, it can be said that WPA3 is the future of network security. It results in more reliable and secure connections since it uses the latest technologies.

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