About The Author

joel marlow

Who Am I?

I, Joel Marlow, am a writer specializing in technology and reviewing. I have been in the computer industry for over 10 years. Since my childhood, the thought of computers, routers, and the latest technologies intrigued me.

I am very passionate about reviewing different computer hardware and informing the users about their detailed explanations. So that they can purchase their hardware in accordance with my point of view and fill their requirements.

Being the one with an extremely curious nature, I built my first custom PC back in 2005 and eventually got into detailed aspects and study of the computer hardware.

I am a hands-on specialized person and my intrigue for the equipment that makes all the work happen has picked up my notoriety as the foremost genuine bench marker within the trade. When I am not working on my articles, I like to read books, watch sports or go fishing.

My Educational Background

I completed my bachelor’s in computer hardware from George Washington University in 2012. During my bachelor, I was considered one of the brightest students of computer hardware. I was very much interested in computer hardware technologies as well as in writing, so, I started a blog in 2010 in which I used to review the latest routers. My passion for it was at its fullest when I started a YouTube channel.

Moreover, I was an internee at a local technology press where I reviewed motherboards and graphic cards and wrote articles about them. You can say that technology and reviewing have been my thing for the past decade.

I also did a Master’s degree in computer hardware from George Washington University in which I thoroughly learned and researched different computer hardware; their importance, their uses, and implementations.

During my educational career, I have always focused on all sorts of computer products, their pros, and their cons. I have also written several articles and books about different hardware and what can be done to utilize them to their full extent.

My goals

  • Not only have I been very passionate about emerging technology, but also about reviewing it. It is my ultimate goal to let people know what is most suitable in terms of technology for their home or office.
  • My experience makes me the perfect person for you to rely on. Computer hardware is a complicated domain that many non-technical people fail to comprehend. I, on the other hand, am expert enough to make people understand what is best for them.
  • I plan on writing more articles and short and user-friendly books about computer hardware. Since I am a technology freak, I plan on creating a community where people help each other know about the latest technologies and review them.
  • I want people to adapt to such devices that make their computers faster, more reliable, and more efficient. I want to research new trends and equipment that could lead to more speedy connections and devices.
  • As a computer hardware graduate, I find it extremely interesting to look up novice technologies and often review them before others to let people know what they are supposed to look for and buy.
  • I, also combine different computers and routers to find out an overall difference in functioning. It is my dream to keep reviewing different hardware technology for tech lovers so that they can be further assisted.