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What We Are All About?

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Tech Lexa is one of the most emerging websites in the technology industry. Our reviews are replicas of our experience in the industry. We always want to cope with the ones that trust us. We intend to guide our customers by providing solutions to their problems. We take pride in claiming to be one of the best reviewers in the industry. Each product has to pass through each step to make its way to our top 10 list of products.

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Our Vision

Our vision lies in reviewing computer hardware and technology gadgets so that novice, as well as returning users, get assisted in decision making.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the latest information about different computer hardware and technology gadgets after going through detailed expert analysis and lab-based reviews so that our customers get benefited and get the most out of their gadgets.

How Does Our Team At Tech Lexa Help You?

Our team consists of different analysts, testers, content writers, and graphic designers who contribute to making it all possible. These experts test the products under various circumstances, analysts analyze them, and the content writers and graphic designers come up with creative ideas to put our tests into words making them immensely user-friendly.

Furthermore, our team provides very accurate information and completely honest reviews so that our customers can be benefited in their decision-making as much as possible. It is no lie when we say that we provide the best computer hardware product review articles.

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Meet Our Team

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Joel Marlow: Owner and CEO at Techlexa

The owner and CEO of Techlexa, John Marlow, has been intrigued by emerging technologies since his childhood. He is very passionate about reviewing different computer hardware and informing the users about their detailed explanations. So that they can purchase their hardware in accordance with his point of view and fill their requirements. He wants to make the user experience reliable and more efficient. He, being a technology freak, is currently working on short articles and books related to computer hardware and technology gadgets.

Elijah Robert: Content Editor/Manager

Elijah has been a part of our team forever. He has been an exceptionally hardworking and focused individual. He has worked previously as a content writer. He has by far the best expertise in content writing related to computer hardware. over the past years, Elijah’s skills have grown and nurtured very much. We are immensely proud to have him on board with us. He manages all the content writing as well as the editing of all the articles that are written.

Hazel Williams: Social Media Manager

Hazel, being a media graduate, has been given all the authority to control the social media handles. She is responsible for creating and looking over social media campaigns, producing fresh content, and communicating with the major stakeholders. Furthermore, she ponders upon new ideas for our team and helps bring them to life. She is literally the ‘voice of our company’.

Ashley Scott: Graphic Designer

The mind which thinks of adding all the graphics is Ashley’s. She’s a graphic designer by profession and has been working with Techlexa for quite some time now. She does her best job in creating an overall layout and in producing designs for our website. She creates visual concepts and brings them to life using software that provides ease in communication with customers.