What is SSID?

Network names are often used to identify a wireless network, but they can be difficult for the average person who doesn’t know what she or he should look out for.

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) lets you give a name to your wifi network, so you may be able to identify it.

For example, my home’s Wi-Fi is called “Home WiFi” while public hotspots might go by something like ‘ cafes 1865’.

This is the same name that shows up when you open the “available wifi list” on your device.

You can always change the SSID name in your router/modem (or other wireless access points) settings to something more meaningful, so it becomes easy to identify it.

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You can choose any name for your network that is up to 32 characters long. There are no other restrictions on the SSID, so feel free to make it as creative and unique sounding as possible!

Tips To Set-Up SSID

Set-Up Guest SSID

In case you have regular guests at your home, you can set up a guest SSID, which will let you protect your personal wifi internet space.

Setting up several SSIDs may affect your overall internet speed but it will help you keep your internet privacy separate from the guests.

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SSID Name Should Be Recognisable

When it comes to names for your network, there are no rules.

However, a good practice is that you keep a name that is easily recognizable and doesn’t include your router’s “brand name”. This will always be helpful for you while locating your wifi.

If you keep the SSID name that comes with the router, you may suffer.

Maybe the same brand router is available in your neighborhood and it might cause a conflict to actually recognize your own router. ( Read Also How to Boost WiFi Signal Through Concrete Walls? )

Choose Single SSID

When it comes to network security, the best practice is a single SSID.

This will allow you to keep your network segments distinct and separate while you will still be able to use your internet connection. ( Read How To Connect Google Wi-Fi To Xfinity Router? )

Just make sure that your router support’s single SSID. You can check it by making sure that your router has client steering.

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