Where best place to put Wifi Extender?

If you’re having trouble with your wifi signal, the first step is to try and reposition your router. If that doesn’t work, you may need to purchase a wifi extender. But where should you place your wifi extender for the best signal coverage?

Best Place To Put Wifi Extender

Place Extender On Top Of Router

The best place for an extender is near or on top of any routers you have. This will help extend their range so that everyone in every room can connect with high-speed internet access!
To extend your wifi, place the extender between you and each room needing coverage. You can measure its strength using a cell phone or tablet. ( You May Also Like How to Connect a Landline Phone to a Wifi Modem or WiFi )

Place At 25-50% Reception Strength

While mounting your wifi extender, make sure you have at least 25-50% reception strength from your router or wifi extender so that the signal can still reach where it needs to go.

Place Your Wifi Extender Where Needed

If you’re having trouble with a specific area in your house, try placing your wifi extender in that area. This will help direct the signal where it’s needed most.

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Place It Somewhere Higher

In general, the higher up you can place your wifi extender, the better. This is because wifi signals tend to propagate downward, so an elevated position will help extend the range of your signal.

Place Extender Where There Are Less Obstacles

Make sure that there are no obstacles between you and your router or extender. If there are any walls or furniture in the way, they could be blocking the signal and causing your wifi problems. Read Also ( Wifi 6 Technology: Is It Really Fast? )

Place At Different Areas To See Which One Works

If you have a large house, try placing your wifi extender in different areas to ensure good coverage throughout the entire space. Make sure that your wifi extender is within range of your router and has a clear line of sight. Otherwise, it may not work properly. ( Read Also 10 Ways To Protect Wifi Router From Lightning )

Remember that these tips are just general guidelines. Each home is different and may require specific solutions for optimal wifi coverage.

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