Are you annoyed at the sluggish speed of your Xfinity internet? Do you, most of the time, face problems because your Xfinity consumes way more time than it should?

We will be discussing nine(9) different ways through which you can boost your Xfinity speed. By using these ways not only will you maximize the speed but also you will not have to worry about your time-consuming Xfinity anymore.

Ways To Make Xfinity Internet Faster

The following is a brief description of each of the nine ways:

Restart Your Router

One of the things that help in boosting your Xfinity speed is simply restarting it.

Sometimes, it happens that the device becomes comparatively slow because it has been in use for a long while and the software needs to be updated.

Therefore, by restarting it, the software goes through an update that optimizes the speed as well as the health. Restarting it also results in better performance.

Check Your Internet Gateway

An incredibly important step that people usually miss out on is to specify a gateway that is located in the middle of the house.

This method is used for maximizing coverage. Since Wi-Fi broadens out from the gateway in all directions hence it is important to make sure you are using a centrally-located cable so that it reaches in all directions.

Try Different Speed Options

Internet usage varies from person to person. The usage usually depends upon how many devices the user wants to connect to.

Therefore, it is better to see, and analyze different speed options and then choose the one that suits the requirements of your office or home well. This improves the speed to the full extent.

Use Ethernet Cable

While watching/streaming videos or playing high-end games on a desktop computer, it is advised to connect your router with your device directly while using an ethernet cable.

The ethernet cable helps in providing optimal connection to high bandwidth devices so that streaming or gaming is trouble-free and non-glitchy. As compared to a wireless connection, ethernet cable provides a fast connection to Xfinity.

Replace Your Router

If your router is old and requires to be restarted all the time, then it’s the sign to change it with a newer and more advanced router. Technology is changing day-to-day and using Xfinity along with quite an old router is most definitely not a good option. An old router is a constraint in providing an optimal connection, therefore, an older router should be replaced with a new and more powerful one.

Look Out For Your Public Networks

Xfinity has two public hotspot networks namely xfinitywifi and XFINITY. It might happen sometime that your device gets connected to one of these networks mistakenly or unintentionally. It is best to check beforehand that your devices i.e., your smartphone, laptop, desktop or MacBook, etc. are connected to your Xfinity network.

They should never be connected to a public one so that you may enjoy the best connection. The best technique, in this case, is to name it in such a way that it is recognizable.

Placement Of Your Xfinity

Many people or experts might not address this much but placing your gateway at an appropriate location is the most important thing to do. There are a few things:

  • Make sure that your gateway is placed away from any entity that may limit its signals.
  • Make sure that your gateway is not placed inside any closed or boxed spaces such as a cupboard. Open spaces assist in providing better connections.
  • Make sure that your gateway is not placed on the floor. Put it somewhere where it is high and can expand signals.
  • Make sure that your devices are placed closer to your gateway. The more the distance, the less the speed. Therefore, ensure that if you have portable devices move them close to the gateway for the best connectivity.

Old devices

Many times, the reason that your Xfinity speed is not working at its best is that your device i.e., your smartphone, laptop, desktop or MacBook, etc. is old.

This may not happen in every case. But when every other thing including your Xfinity is working perfectly fine then the problem might be with your device.

Older devices do not work fine because at the time they were designed there was not such an internet speed henceforth they are unable to handle it; their hardware does not allow them to do so.

Troubleshooting Your Xfinity Router

In case you have already checked and made sure that both the router and your device are working in perfect order but still you are facing a slow connection.

Then, you must use the troubleshooting tool. All you have to do is navigate the tool and scan it. This will automatically sort out and resolve any identified issues related to your Xfinity.

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