What Is The Difference Between Tri-Band Router And Dual-Band Router?

Are you looking for a new router? If so, are you considering a dual-band or tri-band model? What’s the difference, and which is better for you?

Every band type has its own benefits and drawbacks.

You may come across a variety of routers when looking for the best one, but there are two types that you may consider

  1. Dual-band router
  2. Tri-band router

For first time buyers, it can be difficult to determine which type is right without knowing their differences.

What is a Dual-band Wifi Router?

what is dual band wifi router

A dual-band router is a router that can broadcast both signals (2.4Ghz or 5 GHz) in separate frequency bands.

The standard 2GHz frequency is used by WiFi devices like laptops and desktops. If needed it also has an additional 5 GHz radio that works with higher speed internet connections.

The dual-band works well for connecting devices at longer distances.

If you have a small home and you need a limited range of devices, then this type of networking is perfect for your needs. ( Read Also Wifi 6 Technology: Is It Really Fast? )

It provides a more stable and reliable internet connection. If you have old devices they work better with two-band routers, whereas this router may provide a decreased internet speed if we compare it with tri-band routers.

The two-band router may show you some lag when a number of devices are connected with it.

What is a Tri-Band Wifi Router?

What is a Tri-Band Wifi Router?

The tri-band Wi-Fi router is a great option for those looking to maximize their internet speed.

It offers three different frequencies, one 2 GHz and two 5GHz bands that can each provide an even faster connection than before.

Tri-band routers are the best for those who want to upload or attach multimedia files without performance loss, as it provides more fast internet connection.

These routers have built-in technology that can help you with traffic management, so you can enjoy a faster connection everywhere!

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This is an excellent choice for homes and offices that have long distances to cover because tri-band routers provide a longer range and fast internet connection.

Moreover, it can also be used in small spaces, if someone wants to!

Tri-band ensures that every device gets stable and faster internet when multiple devices are connected with it.

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No wonder, along with two 5GHz channels, it also has a traffic management system that helps it provide more stable internet connections.

Main Differences Between Tri-Band Wifi Routers And
Dual-Band Wifi Routers

Active Clients

It is important to know the difference between a triple-band and a dual-band router with regard to active client handling.

Triple bands can handle more active clients thanks in part because they offer wider bandwidth, speed, and more coverage with stability.

While dual-band routers may give some lag when multiple active clients are connected with the device.

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When it comes to routers, the more bands there are included in your network connection, the better performance you are going to experience.

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A dual-band router will be suitable for homes that only require minimal networking needs such as streaming online videos or playing games from different devices without any lag time involved.

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However, if you plan ahead and want high speed while multiple devices are connected to your router then consider getting something with 3rd generations of WiFi technology!

Triple band offerings can fulfill these demands due to them being able to provide even faster speeds than dual-band.

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The internet speed is what differentiates a tri-band router from a dual-band router.

The higher number of bands means that these devices can offer faster connection, better range, and increased data transfer rates for all your devices in the house! ( You May Also Like How To Improve Wifi Signal Upstairs: The Ultimate Guide )

A good example would be when you’re streaming video online, it takes less time to load when you are using tri-band because there’s not just one band being used but rather multiple frequencies which gives them more precise control over where each signal resides allowing clients on either end access content without interruption

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