Use Mesh Wifi With Existing Router

If you need to keep your current router, then it is possible and even preferable that mesh networks could work well with this device.

In most situations though when upgrading or replacing the entire network of equipment in place at home there are much better options available than adding on an additional WiFi extender unit.

When it comes to networking, Mesh networks are on the cutting edge.

These systems work by placing “nodes” around a space with one connected device that serves as your router and updates information about signal strength in order for you to stay connected at all times.

How Can You Use Mesh Wifi With Existing Router?

This is a quick and easy way to set up your router so that it can be used as part of the mesh network. ( Read Best Wifi Router For At&t Fiber )

You can use the following methods to use your mesh wifi with an existing router:

Mesh System Supports Additional Router

Ensure your mesh system can support multiple nodes when connected to a router.

Use Bridge Mode

To connect your gateway or network node to the internet, you will have to put it in “bridge” mode. This disables any router functions on that device so only a basic WiFi connection is possible. ( Read Also Tri-Band Routers vs Dual-Band Routers [ Differences ] )

How To Enable Bridge Mode?

In order to set up a bridge, you need to go into your device’s app settings and choose “advanced networking.” There will be an option for network mode there.

Disconnect Ethernet Cables

To reduce signal interruptions, make sure to disconnect the ethernet cables.

Reboot Router

After enabling the “bridge mode” ( Bridge mode is required for any kind of device addition), make sure that the router reboot. If it doesn’t reboot automatically, you can do it manually.

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Connect Your Router With Mesh System

After rebooting, now you can connect your router to your mesh network. ( How To Choose A Mesh Wifi System? )

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