Connect a Landline Phone to a Modem or WiFi router

If you’re having trouble connecting your landline phone to your modem or wifi router, don’t worry. It’s a common issue. We’ll help you solve your problem. You can follow the steps below to connect your phone in no time. We’ll share some tips for troubleshooting if you run into problems.

What is a landline?

A phone line is a telephone that uses a metal wire that connects to the telephone network. This phone line is called a “landline” because it connects to landlines, which are physical wires that run between homes and businesses. With the advent of cell phones, landlines are becoming less common, but they’re still used.

Things Need For Connecting Your Landline Phone To Your
Wifi Router

  • Your landline phone
  • A modem or wifi router
  • An Ethernet cable (usually provided with your modem or wifi router)

Connecting Your Phone Line To The Modem Or Wifi Router

Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to your modem or wifi router and the other end to your phone line.

Connect your modem or wifi router to your computer.

Configuring Your Modem Or Wifi Router With Landline

  • Open a web browser and type in the address bar
  • If prompted, enter your username and password.
  • Click on the Connections tab.
  • Under Phones, click on Add.
  • Type in the following information:
    • Name: Landline Phone
    • Phone Number: Enter your landline phone number without any dashes or parentheses.
    • Type: POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)
  • Click on submit/add, and it will be added to your wifi router/modem.

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Troubleshooting your connection while connecting phone landline to wifi router

  • If you’re having trouble connecting your phone, there are a few things you can try:
  • Make sure your phone line is plugged into the Ethernet port on your modem or wifi router.
  • Ensure your modem or wifi router is turned on and that the Ethernet cable is properly plugged in.
  • Try restarting your modem or wifi router.
  • Try restarting your computer.
  • If you’re using a laptop, try plugging the Ethernet cable into a different port on your computer.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct username and password to log in to your modem or wifi router.
  • If you’re still having trouble, call your internet service provider for help.

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Can I plug my modem into any phone line?

No, you can only plug your modem into a phone line connected to the internet. Contact your internet service provider if you’re not sure whether your phone line is connected to the internet. ( Read Also Best Wifi Router For Xfinity )

How do I know if my landline is working?

If your landline is working, you should make and receive calls. You can also test your landline by dialing the following number: *99 or any number that works with your landline. ( You May Like What Is Good Internet Speed In MBPS? )

This will test your landline’s internet connection and show a green dot on your phone if everything is working properly.

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