MU-MIMO technology In Wireless Routers

Over the past decade, technology has rapidly evolved. The transfer of data used to be a hard task back in the older days, but it is now at the click of a button.

With the emerging technology and the need of the hour, the technology and the components providing the basis of a Wi-Fi extender have matured too.

One of the components of a Wi-Fi extender that has changed for the better is the addition of MU-MIMO technology.

MU-MIMO is the abbreviation for multi-user, multiple-input, and multiple-output technology. It is widely used to allow the Wi-Fi extender in your home to connect and communicate with multiple devices at a single time. It provides super-fast broadband since it pushes fixed wireless connections to provide high-speed internet access to all users.

It was introduced as a part of Wi-Fi 5 within IEEE 802.11ac Wave 2 in 2015. But with the emergence of Wi-Fi 6, the MU-MIMO technology spread like fire and is now part of most Wi-Fi extenders.

Today, most Wi-Fi extenders use MU-MIMO as an alternative for SU-MIMO i.e., single-user, multiple input, multiple output technology which was previously used. SU-MIMO had a major limitation since it could only allow one device to access the network at a single time.

How MU-MIMO Can Help You?

MU-MIMO comes in handy when multiple devices are trying to connect to the network simultaneously. If you have multiple devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, computers, laptops, smart speakers, etc., each of them can transmit data at the same time using the MU-MIMO technology. Instead of creating a queue for the devices, the MU-MIMO transmitter shreds the bandwidth to provide separate streaming for each device so that it can operate at its best.

MU-MIMO Variants

MU-MIMO technology has different variants; 2×2,3×3, and 4×4. They refer to the streams generated for each device trying to establish a connection giving it an individual access point so that the connectivity of other devices is not affected and the newer ones get an equal connection.

Why It Is Better To Choose This Technology?

The reason why most of the Wi-Fi extenders with Wi-Fi 6 promise to give better and faster connection is because of the MU-MIMO technology. For MU-MIMO to be functional, multiple radio antenna chains are a must-have for both the device and the access point.

It must be noted that an access point that can send radiofrequency to only one stream and receive it on another is 1×1. In the same way,2×2 gives two streams in both directions and so on. This increases the overall performance.

MU-MIMO technology In Wireless Routers

Benefits Of MU-MUMO Technology

Some of the key benefits of MI-MUMO technology are as follows:

  1. The MI-MUMO access point keeps the connection for the previously connected devices constant which means that their signal remains uninterrupted while newer devices add up. Moreover, the MI-MUMO technology distributes the bandwidth equally giving the same priority to each device which maintains a healthy balance and stronger connections.
  2. MI-MUMO technology prevents any kind of buffering or lagging. If you have plenty of devices and often suffer miserably due to freezing connection, a Wi-Fi extender with MI-MUMO technology might come in handy. The access point never interrupts its connections with other devices to add newer connections.
  3. MI-MUMO technology increases the efficiency; allowing the access points to handle more intensive activities such as gaming and video streaming, etc.

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